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Pet Drop-off Services and Hospitalization

Pet Drop-Off and Hospitalization Services

We provide pet drop-off and hospitalization services to furry friends in Chesapeake, Virginia, and ensure they receive the best care and affection they need during their time at Greenbrier Animal Care Center.

Person Petting a Cat

Pet Drop-Off and Hospitalization Services in Chesapeake, VA

At Greenbrier Animal Care Center, we are aware that animals sometimes experience unforeseen health issues that call for prompt attention and specialized care. We understand how upsetting it can be when our cherished pets require medical care because we are pet owners too. Because of this, we are dedicated to offering the best pet drop-off and hospitalization services in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Our Pet Drop-Off and Hospitalization Services

At Greenbrier Animal Care Center, we are dedicated to giving your pet the best treatment because we understand how important their health is to you.

Mindfulness During Emergencies
Emergencies with your pet can cause stress and immense amounts of worry. Even if you cannot accompany your pet, our pet drop-off services provide a quick and effective approach to ensure they receive the urgent treatment they require and give you peace of mind knowing they are receiving swift, comprehensive care.

Specialized Medical Care
Hospitalization allows our skilled veterinary staff to intensively observe and care for your pet in a secure and monitored setting. This is crucial for animals recovering from surgery, serious illness, or other ailments.

The Benefits of Our Services

Skilled Medical Staff
Our veterinary staff has the knowledge, skill, and compassion to give your animal friend the best possible medical care throughout their stay with us.

Cutting-Edge Facilities
Our Chesapeake, Virginia, veterinary facility is outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology, enabling us to offer complete treatment and monitoring for hospitalized pets.

Individualized Focus
We are aware that each pet is different and has different medical requirements. Our staff ensures that every pet receives specialized treatment based on their unique needs and conditions.

Solace and Attention
We care for your pet as if they were our own, giving them a cozy and loving atmosphere to help them heal.